Kenneth Ham is the Co-Founder & CEO of Jungle Element and he graduated with a Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science, from the National University of Singapore.


Kenneth was previously a Developer Evangelist on Microsoft Azure at Microsoft. He architected, developed and delivered solutions on Microsoft Azure reaching out to Microsoft’s ISV / CSV partner ecosystem from Singapore and Malaysia; spanning across various entities from Government, Enterprises, SMEs, to Startups; to adopt Windows Azure in their organisation.

He has a 10+ years of IT experiences, diversifying across Software Engineering, AI, Enterprise Consulting, and in particular, Cloud focused in developing & architecting Cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure. He is an entrepreneur who enjoys thinking out of the box to create innovative solutions so as to contribute back to the society through the lens of technology.

Kenneth enjoys playing the piano and the saxophone. A musician since the age of three, music had inspired him not only to be creative, it taught him to learn to enjoy the process more than the outcome. Kenneth had displayed positive character in his work attitude, creativity to adapt to situations, analytical thinking in solving problems, steadfast leadership, his friendly nature and ability to perform well under pressure have earned him the cooperation and the respect of his team members.

Kenneth graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from Temasek Polytechnic. He founded TP Judo and DPAIG (Direct Polytechnic Admission Interest Group) in his first year of school. He had earned many achievements throughout his three years in school. Excellence in his character, he was invited to join the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Programme which provided him a platform to take passion to greater heights. His stint in MSP had allowed him to not only learn and share technologies around the campus, it allowed him to share his passion with his fellow friends. Passion, provided many opportunities for Kenneth, one of which was an internship at Microsoft Singapore, and finally an internship at Hitachi Japan.

Kenneth graduated with a Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore. His focus area are Software Engineering and Multimedia Information Retrieval.

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