Facebook Hacker Cup: Qualification Round [CLOSED]

End of Qualification Round

Published Jan 11, 2011 in facebook, hackathon, journal

Well, this morning GMT+0800 8AM marks the end of the qualification round. I will be posting the next two solutions if I have the time.

Everybody on Facebook seem pretty excited about the results, so am I. I would say that it was challenging and indeed it boost my learning, improved the way I develop and design algorithms, also it was really an eye-opener to see great developers around the world hacking algorithms.

Developers indeed are algorithm hackers. They eat, drink, sleep, watch, speak, etc. algorithm. Can you believe that? Guess what, they speak in all kinds of languages, C, C++, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, and I have also found someone who did COMMON LISP. WOW! Amazing…

Although there were some bugs with Facebook interface, but that didn’t seem to stop all hackers from hacking. Finally the 6 minute time rule was lifted, all further submissions after 6 minute will be taken into account. YEAH! Honestly, the 6 minute rule was more than enough for anyone to run the test case and get the output. The fastest time I got for Double Square test case in Ruby was 0.7 secs. How long more do you need?

Well yes of course many still didn’t read the FAQ well enough, hence some did overlook the 6 minute rule and all. Furthermore, if you were to be running it on Google Chrome, the AJAX time limit will not show until you re-click the question once more, the time will then appear.

In conclusion, I believe everybody did pretty well at the qualification round! Good job hackers!

May the BEST hacker win!

If you have hacked at Facebook Hacker Cup and you would like to share your source codes, solutions, experiences or any deep thoughts, feel free to comment below! Alternatively, if you would like to write a post about it as a guest writer, feel free to contact me anytime. Will be glad to invite YOU to share!

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Facebook Hacker Cup: Qualification Round

Double Squares

Published Jan 9, 2011 in facebook, hackathon, journal