What I would like to do?

My thoughts on what I would like to do in SAF

Published Feb 22, 2011 in journal

Here is what I would like to do!

First, I will be serving the nation soon! I am praying for COMMANDO. Yes, it’s tough, insane, whatever. I guess it runs in the blood. I always respected my father, and definitely my pride. My dad was a Commando Officer. So that’s the motivation that tells me to go that extra mile.

Although I don’t know what’s my chances are, I will still serve the country with pride. NO CHAO KENG!

Second, I have applied for local universities. Although I have already set my mind to National University of Singapore (NUS), School of Computing in Bachelor of Computer Science, or Information Systems, I am hoping that I will be selected not by grades, but by talents. It’s definitely a good university to be in!

Lastly, I hope to complete my project soon. I am targeting to build the platform so I can start getting interns or partners to continue the project. With an end goal in mind to bring connectivity across the world in the simplest form of service.

Unofficially Graduated

On Graduation from Polytechnic study

Published Feb 19, 2011 in journal