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The journey in becoming Every Singaporean Son

Published Sep 10, 2011 in journal

Hello! It’s been again long since I last posted! I have stopped working at Microsoft since 1st Oct 2011, hence should anyone been contacting my Microsoft email, unfortunately I will not be able to receive nor reply.

Life @ Microsoft was definitely an amazing journey! There were so many wonderful and amazing colleagues around, an it just makes working in DPE (Developer Platform & Evangelism) an awesome place to be in!

I have been traveling around these couple of weeks before I start serving the nation! I went back to Japan again to visit a couple of friends as well as to really have fun! Thank GOD for the awesome friends who were so hospital in many ways. Had lunch with Yoichi, catching up with him on his recent wedding, etc. I met up with Imanishi Sensei and we went back to Hitachi to catch up with my former colleagues and to see how the new interns are doing there! Well all’s good except when I got stranded at Shibuya during a number 15 Typhoon! It was definitely AN EXPERIENCE!

Just recently I went to Hong Kong with my mum for a couple of days. Definitely I ate a lot there, food’s just too good!

Well, I am counting down to… ENLISTMENT! Many of my friends are either counting down to POP or ORD, and I am still here counting down to be enlisted! “YES SIR, NO SIR, THANK YOU SIR!” Either way, I am still as excited and ready to serve the nation, so really hoping to get into OCS after BMT!

So till then, see you soon!


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