Free lifetime CDN

Exabytes giveaway lifetime CDN

Published Oct 18, 2011 in exabytes, freebies

This is a great CDN you wouldn’t want to miss! Exabytes is giving out Life-Time FREE CDN for 25GB. You just need to pay for setup fees and you get 25GB of monthly bandwidth FREE! If you do not want to spend on premium CDNs on your personal blog, I would recommend this simple and free 25GB monthly bandwidth CDN.

Promo Coupon: FREECDN

Just purchased this recently, going through some CDN configuration and my CDN should be up and running in no time! Let’s see if I can get a good benchmark of how fast this CDN loads my page.

I have already gotten mine! Have you?

Your self-hosted CDN on Facebook

Free Content Delivery hosted on Facebook

Published Oct 12, 2011 in cdn, facebook, hosting, guides