2 Weeks Confinement at BMTC

An inside story of the 2 weeks confinement at BMTC

Published Nov 27, 2011 in journal

Finally I get to book out after the 2 weeks confinement @ Pulau Tekong BMTC (Basic Military Training) School. BMTC School 2, Jaguar Coy. I would say the 2 weeks adjustment from civilian lifestyle to military regimentation wasn’t that tough. God had been with me all these while and have been preparing me all these years for this.

While in Secondary School Band, I did foot drills, hence adjusting to doing foot drills in BMT wasn’t much a challenge. Besides that, the strict rules, timings and so on have been trained by the simple things like being on time at school, and so on. Furthermore, I had the opportunity last year to live independently while interning in Japan. With that experience, adapting to the lifestyle in BMTC wasn’t that difficult.

Training was tough, yet the same time there was a fair bit of welfare given to us. It may not have been the toughest yet, but the commanders have definitely instilled in me to have a strong mental mindset to push on.

I used to tell my friends who were in army that time flies while in training and they can do it. However, now that I am in it, I realized that time crawls and how easy I once thought it would be was a total opposite to reality.

The journey has just begun and the experience gained have taught me to live stronger and appreciate things more. Of course, I hope by the time I POP from BMT, it would definitely be life changing and a story to tell.

I thank God for his providence and strength during all my trainings, and I praise him in whatever situation I am in. I pray that my live range next week would go smoothly to his divine plans and I pray for every safety measures checked and protecting me from any Negligence Discharge from any misfire.

D Day to Enlistment!

An inside story of D-Day to Enlistment Day

Published Nov 8, 2011 in journal