The new way to share documents

TagMyDoc, a new way to share documents

Published Dec 12, 2011 in sharing, guides

Just back from my 6 days outfield yesterday! Will do more sharing on the field camp and situation test (SITTEST) again!

I will be sharing a cool application I came across recently. It’s called TagMyDoc.

TagMyDoc allows you to apply a tag on a document which can be scanned and retrieved as a virtual copy. Simple as it is, sharing of documents can now be much more easier and efficient. Why do I say so? Firstly, you create your document with Microsoft Word, following which you upload the document to TagMyDoc to be tagged, then after you can share the document via QR Code or a public link. Your recipients will be able to download a virtual copy of your document via either the QR Code or the public link.

Furthermore, documents will be stored on their secure cloud storage and with a premium plan or above, you have the ability to version control your documents. For instance, your first draft have been uploaded to be tagged, however you made some minor or major changes and re-uploaded, this allows updates or changes to be made to the current version on TagMyDoc, hence there won’t be multiple copies of the updated document but instead version controlled. This will allow your recipients to be able to download the latest version of your document without coming back to you or receiving emails just for this 1 document.

Here is a quick demo:

Document Demo.docx

Visit TagMyDoc here!

Do give it a try and feel free to share your experience with this application. I found it useful and at the same time feel that this could be better accomplished with other more powerful features along with it!


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