Facebook Hacker Cup: Online Round 1A

Facebook Hacker Cup

Published Jan 16, 2011 in facebook, hackathon, journal

This morning from 2300hrs – 0200hrs GMT+08:00, I was hacking at Online Round 1A on Power Overwhelming problem set. Those guys were super PRO with the other challenges, the solved the algorithms in less than an hour! INSANE!

Anyway, there was an error on Facebook end with regards to the test case engineering for Power Overwhelming which left us all overwhelmed! I had asked around and realized that logically speaking, I managed to figure out the algorithm solution, BUT, the example test case provided by Facebook did not tally at all.

Thank GOD though, Facebook decided to push the sub rounds further next week till they have ensured that the problem sets run smoothly and so on! People online are cursing and swearing at Facebook for the poor competition handling and so on. In my opinion, I feel that there are definitely room for improvements in organization and executing it. In fact, I think that it was pretty good so far and after all we all do make mistakes. So do give them a chance!

I am really going to figure out the other two challenge sets and see if I can solve them. Hopefully the next sub round, I will be able to get in the TOP 1000 and move on to Online Round 2.

Then again, with all those PRO ALGORITHM HACKERS from the States and Europe and all were totally unbeatable, I will just got to do my best!


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Published Jan 12, 2011 in facebook, hackathon, journal